Turn around time for all US Nail orders: 3 to 4 weeks plus shipping.

Nails 4 Queens

All because she fell in love with Drag… 

Ava Fierce is a teenage entrepreneur. After attending several Drag shows, she ran out of gifts to give her favorite Queen. That’s when Ava decided to open a box of press-on nails because if you’re not wearing nails… 

In January of 2017, the nail making began. The first two sets of nails were made in Red and Silver. These nails were wrapped up and ready to be gifted during a meet and greet prior to a show. During that show, the Queen who received these nails hopped off of the stage and made her way to Ava. To her surprise, the Queen was wearing the Silver nails! The Queen made sure to thank Ava and tell her how much she loved them too.

A few days later, Ava decided to make another set of nails for a local Queen who was also a family friend. That local Queen wore them to her gig and called Ava the next morning. During this call, Ava was told how all of the other Queens at the gig loved the nails she made. They wanted to order a set of their own. The next day she decided to make an Instagram page. She added a few pictures of the nails and followed a ton of Queens. Ava then reached out to a few more local Queens and offered them nails in exchange for promoting her. That’s when the orders started coming in. From local Queens to nationally known names and even Queens from other countries, the little business grew. Once Ava was able to profit a few dollars, she made a donation to a local Youth LGBTQ Center. She plans to continue making monthly donations as well. 

Nails 4 Queens thanks everyone who has been part of making the business what it is today.